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American Legion - June 24, 2004

40th Reunion the gang is all here.


The banner goes up!

Mike and Nan

Evelyn and Mark

Rita and Mark

Jane, did you say this was the Hawthorne table?

What beautiful Smiles

Marilyn, Clyde and Rene'

Is that Mark I know it is Rita

Memorabilia Galore

So what is the point!

Looks like Mark again - How do you do it

William, Charles & Mark

Kenny Cantrell and new wife are hiding in the back

Suzanne what is so funny

Lloyd and Rita

Eyes Front

Great Food

What a Bar B Q Feast

James and Mark

And More Great Food

Let them eat cake!

Andy, is that Richard or Ronald? Never could tell the diff.

George, Howard and Peggy

Brenda and Neil

James and Linda