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American Legion - July 25, 2009

Hilda and Jane with a door prize

45th Reuion - Class of 1964 - Campbell High School

Winner of made the longest journey, Judi Wilson

James, Linda Dunn and Evelyn Bailey Delong

Brenda Buckley and Jane Regan

LLoyd, Mrs. Puckett and Mark

Lloyd, Gary, Diane, James Haywood, James and Linda

Mark and Jane

Jane, Edward, Mark and Brenda

Linda, Phyllis and Evelyn

Carolyn and Tracy

Jim Quarles and Brenda

Cathy and Mark

Carolyn, Linda, Phyllis, Judi and Neil

Charles, Jimmy and Terry

45th Reunion Cake

Janice, Linda, Lawrence, and The Raybould's

Jim and Terry

Mark, Evelyn and Andy

The Varsity Truck

Yet another door prize

Diane and Edward

Michelle, Mark and Mrs. Puckett

William Dillard

Mrs. Puckett

Evelyn Delong

Patsy Cline AKA Evelyn